Choose Life. Decline to Sign.

Choose Life Arkansas is currently engaged in the toughest battle yet for the lives of our unborn children in Arkansas. A pro-abortion group is currently petitioning to place an amendment on the 2024 ballot which will gut current pro-life laws and enshrine abortion in the Arkansas Constitution.

Join the DECLINE TO SIGN Campaign and stand up against the radical Arkansas abortion amendment.

About this Campaign

Choose Life Arkansas is a coalition of pro-life leaders in the state that want to protect our current law in Arkansas, and is currently engaged in the toughest battle yet for the lives of our unborn children. In November, a group calling themselves “For AR People,” ironic in itself, formed a ballot question committee, “Arkansans for Limited Government,” to place an amendment on the 2024 ballot to address abortion. 

Choose Life Arkansas is asking all Arkansans unwilling to sign a death warrant on unborn children to POLITELY Decline to Sign when approached.

The Arkansas Abortion Amendment would enshrine abortion in Arkansas’ Constitution and gut Amendment 68 which says it’s the policy of the state of Arkansas to protect unborn babies from conception until birth.

Know the Facts

About the Radical Arkansas Abortion Amendment

  • The Arkansas Abortion Amendment would allow abortion with no questions asked for the first 5 months, and later up to the moment of birth under certain exceptions.
  • If adopted the proposed measure could render all current laws protecting the unborn, protecting parental rights, and protecting the pregnant mother null and void.
  • The text of the Amendment would nullify health and safety protections for women, while allowing abortion up to the moment of birth with no protection for the preborn baby.
  • At 5 months of pregnancy (18 weeks), the unborn child has met many milestones of development and is capable of feeling pain.
  • Clauses such as “shall not prohibit, penalize, delay, or restrict abortion services” mandates the removal of parental notification before an abortionist has access to a minor girl; guts informed consent for women contemplating abortion and even waiting periods that protect women and girls from coerced abortions.
  • The Amendment drastically alters the Arkansas Constitution by inserting the most extreme abortion industry practices into our state’s founding document. Changing just one word in the Constitution has had a profound impact on future generations. The Arkansas Abortion Amendment contains almost 550 words.
  • The Amendment does not protect taxpayers from being forced to pay for even the most extreme abortions.

What YOU Can Do

To Help Protect Life in Arkansas